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Hell, I remember guys in pickup trucks hanging out of windows and hollering at my MOM when I was about four or five years old.Historically speaking, noticing women hasn’t only been a treasured pastime for men everywhere, it’s been a way of life. Sure, the stereotypical idea of construction workers wolf whistling at women seems preposterously rude in today’s world (although I’m sure it still happens…somewhere).

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These people weren’t just not noticing each other, they weren’t even trying.

1) Fear Of Seeming Predatory The subtle (or at times blatant) message presented to men in the 21st century is that any display of sexual interest in a woman is considered “sexual harassment”.

We’ve all been to a corporate seminar that warned us as such.

We’ve all watched the early seasons of Mad Men and been appalled. How are we to ever continue the cycle of procreation to perpetuate the human race?

So nobody is suggesting we revert to real, genuine sexual harassment. In my completely random opinion—which is pure conjecture, mind you—I can think of at least three factors that may be conspiring here.

I mean, when I was in college and living at the beach during the summer, I’m fairly sure my friends and I didn’t miss ANY of the girls who came within 200 yards of us.

Back at school, if a girl dared wear red underwear beneath white pants our entire dormitory new about it by lunchtime.

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We were actively discussing creative ways she might encourage the kind of man she deserves to introduce himself, start a conversation and sweep her off of her feet. The odds of seeing a jaguar in the wild in Florida are probably greater than that.

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