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The three writers proposed small temporary buildings for Gaeltacht regional television services broadcasting a limited number of hours each night with programming coming from each of the Gaeltacht regions around the country.RTÉ and the Irish government had sought to improve the availability of Irish-language programming on RTÉ services.

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The transmitter was built at a cost of IR£4,000 through donations from local Gaeltacht communities.In 1972, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta (Rna G) was set up to provide Irish-language radio services across the country.All radio and television services provided by RTÉ provided some Irish-language programming.TG4 HD, similar to RTÉ Two HD, broadcasts mainly sporting programming from national to international events, documentaries, movies and US programming in high-definition where available.It is anticipated that TG4 will itself start broadcasting its own programming produced in high-definition in the future.Programmes included Echo Island for children, and current affairs programme Cúrsaí.

Before the birth of TG4, RTÉ had suggested the use of RTÉ Two's prime-time schedule for Irish-language programming.

Ray Burke had limited the advertising minutes on RTÉ a few years previously.

Hence, there would be no cost to the Exchequer, and funding would also come from the National Lottery and the television Licence.

In December 1988, further broadcasts were transmitted from three different sites, broadcasting pre-recorded programming.

The movement for a national Irish-language television service continued to gain momentum afterwards.

The PDs also looked for the setting up of what they called "Teilifís na Gaeltachta".

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