Updating ranch house exteriors

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Updating ranch house exteriors - Website free swinger

The remodel opened up the feel of the deck and greatly improved the appearance with new tiles as well. After removing old carpet and shortening the length of bannisters, these stairs look much more modern and inviting. Another great stair renovation, this one from Prudent Projects replaced unsafe OSB stairs with newly painted MDF stairs and beadboard backing. It’s Great To Be Home brightened up a dark 1960’s ranch den with new paint, floors, and a dramatically different fireplace. A dreary front porch becomes bright and beautiful with new furniture and outdoor accounts. A single rod and shelf made it difficult to organize this small closet. A facelifted fireplace, new dark wood flooring, updated furniture, and a lovely window treatment make this a cozy destination. Pixelimpress‘s fireplace remodel is a simple job that packs a lot of punch.But a shelving renovation made it super functional, adding multiple shelf layers and hanging rods. Petit Elefant‘s master bathroom went from dated and cramped to wide open and beautiful. A new mantel, mosaic glass, and dark black paint look really sleek. Roof updates, an extended second floor, and pop out windows add charming updates to this Cape Cod home. This master bath didn’t look like it needed any huge updates, but the after photo looks so amazing, we’re glad Angie took on the challenge anyway.

It’s amazing what people have done to renovate their homes.It has really good bones and will be a great house.It just needs updating with lots of paint and decluttering and it will feel like a whole new space! The tile in here is actually not bad at all with a gray tint, so I’m sure we are going to work with this and update the rest of it. This tile isn’t in bad shape either, although the color is harder to work with.Designer Howard Robbins changed his “oppressive” kitchen into a roomy, beautiful cooking and living space.27. The Natos’ attic used to look like the kind you’d see in a scary movie.A contemporary remodel completely updated the look of this once-declining mid century modern home in Utah. Monk’s Home Improvements made this laundry room a stylish new spot with new cabinets, countertops, and paint. Designer Jayme Guokas salvaged this 1880 row house, taking it down to the bones and bringing it back up with reclaimed and locally sourced materials for a beautifully updated home. A kids’ bathroom gets seaside-inspired updates in this renovation. With added beadboard, a new sink, toilet, and shelving, this remodel looks great. But now it looks like the attic of your dreams, with loads of living space, cute sleeping nooks, and dormer windows-with enough room for office space or a sleeping baby! This master bedroom closet had lots of space, but not a lot of function. Boarded up windows, a failing roof, and trash everywhere.A new jacuzzi bath, counter, and glass shower make this bathroom look much more modern. Gorgeous custom cabinets and mirrors surrounding the sinks add a romantic touch to the room, and a new steam shower is much more sleek and functional than the huge bathtub they used to have. Little Dog Vintage‘s old covered porch was an eyesore with chicken wire windows and a dark, dank look.

This covered porch remodel made it a beautiful spot to catch some sun and read a book, with slate tile floors, bright wood paneling, and tasteful paint. This dining room remodel from Ashley Winn Design turned a decidedly old and boring room into a vibrant, useful space.

I can’t wait to see it evolve into the charming 21st century home that I know it can be. Lots of decluttering to do and getting down the dated drapes and wallpaper. I’m pretty sure we will get the vanity painted in here and add new countertops, sink, faucet and lighting. We are going to have some of her furniture painted and reuse as much as possible. We’ll be talking through all of this as we go along. The gray isn’t bad, but we want to lighten this up too.

Andrea has promised to do what I ask her to do and I think it’s going to be a fun project. One of the first projects they are tackling is adding board and batten below the chair rail here in the hallway. I’m going to be looking at fabrics with her to update some furniture and bedding. It’s a very small space and I know how that is, since my master bath is really tiny too. David found this pretty wood dining room set at an estate sale recently. All that wallpaper and window treatments will be coming down soon. Look closely and you can see a mirrored backsplash, which is also coming out. Andrea had painted it this darker gray color, but when she said she wanted to start in here, I started thinking of a color that might work. When I told her we were painting the brick, her eyes got really big and she said, we ARE? That sofa is going and we are going to recover those wingback chairs. The walkway from the garage is right in the middle of the room so we have to leave a traffic path. We are going to reuse some things in here and get these chairs recovered and make this room so cute and functional too.

And I told her I would blog about it, which she is excited about.

We’ve barely gotten started on things, so it might be a bit slow, but I wanted to share the Before pics with you so you can see what we are working with.

Whether you’re knocking down walls, gutting your kitchen, or just throwing on a few coats of paint, there’s inspiration to be found among completed projects.