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Can circuitry and PCB design become a form of art and artistic expression?

Each sensor can be controlled separately, or through the movements of the bowl.

The rotational position of the bowl also controls parameters of various temporal, spatial and spectral effects.

More information can be found at The Sonic Body is an audio-installation that uses interactive technology to create an orchestra of the human body.

A durable hardware chassis is combined with compact Arduino Mini based electronics in this geometrically designed instrument.

The structure is built around a control handle, which is suspended by 8 flexible sensors.

However, if one uses an unilluminated dot, this dot will cave in, causing the climber to slip and to fall to the ground.

Prior to climbing the display one has to memorise a continuous series of letters, as this is the only way to change the dots one is holding on to in time for the next change of letters.One is now on temporary display in the Gadget Gallery in Hartford as part of the digital emergence exhibit.interactive mechanical light sculpture DIGIGRIPPER is a interactive climbing wall that lets you tumble to the ground if you don't follow the hectic changes of the digital signs, which are shown on a human sized 5 x 7 LED display.(4 speakers and a sub) The Sonic Body was inspired by the traditional practice of listening to the body to diagnose illness, and began as an investigation into the scope of sonic activity that exists within the human body.Medical professionals were consulted to help understand which parts of the body make sounds and why, and various methods were used to record unusual and unheard sounds from deep within the body’s organs, muscles, bones and veins.Sliwz works with the shift Out tutorial of Carlyn Maw and Tom Igoe. DIY Electronic Drum Brain The Drum Master system is comprised of two parts.