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The contents of the Initial Accession are described below.Supplements 1-4 are described separately, preceding their Container Lists.

Supplement 1, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 2, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 3, Series 2: Business Establishments | Supplement 4, Series 2: Business Establishments | Photographs, Series 2: Business Establishments This series includes a map of the famous graves at Graceland Cemetery on Chicago’s North Side.

Within each series, material is arranged alphabetically except where indicated otherwise.

Photographs, although listed and housed separately, are organized into corresponding series and include Portraits, Business Establishments, Religious Institutions, Clubs and Organizations, Residences, Schools, Streets, Transportation, and Historical Events such as the Chicago Fire.

Supplement 1, Series 10: Miscellaneous | Supplement 2, Series 10: Miscellaneous | Photographs, Series 10: Miscellaneous Items in this series are arranged alphabetically by the name of the agency or, in the case of articles about some aspect of government, by author or title.

The most significant material in this series consists of items from the Chicago Plan Commission, which was developed out of Daniel Burnham’s 1909 (See Call Number NA9127. Any kind of government activity is found among materials in this series--for example, material on the Post Office, while not a municipal government body, is located here.

Supplement 1, Series 1: Biographical Data | Supplement 2, Series 1: Biographical Data | Supplement 3, Series 1: Biographical Data | Supplement 4, Series 1: Biographical Data | Photographs, Series 1: Biographical Data, Portraits and Families Items in this series come from a wide variety of businesses and business organizations, and include advertisements, directories, newspaper clippings, catalogs, programs, and other printed promotional material.

Significant items include the , issued by the Board of Trade; materials on the Chicago Association of Commerce; promotional material for the Marshall Field, Montgomery Ward and Sears, Roebuck department stores; and articles and booklets on the Union Stockyards.

Researchers should be aware that the arrangement of these materials is by Township, Range, and Section Number. Material in this series relates to libraries in Chicago, public and private.

Supplement 2, Series 9: Libraries | Supplement 3, Series 9: Libraries | Photographs, Series 9: Libraries Material in this series does not fit neatly into other series as defined.

The Chicago City-Wide Collection consists of an initial accession and four supplemental accessions.

Each accession consists of an assortment of manuscript, printed and photographic materials.

About one quarter of the material consists of memorial resolutions presented to the family of Mayor Carter Henry Harrison, who was assassinated in 1893.