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A Sales and Use Tax return will be mailed to you, or you may download the Sales and Use Tax return here.Send the form and payment to: City of Aurora Tax and Licensing Division P. Box 33001 Aurora, CO 80041-3001 The city of Aurora offers businesses the ability to file Sales and Use Tax returns and payment via the Internet, eliminating the standard paper return sent through the mail.

There’s innocence and intrigue in traditional burlesque that just can’t be found at, say, Shotgun Willie’s, or at the far spectrum of cable TV channels, where 60 minutes of footage will cost you beaucoup bucks — and probably nix any chance at a second date.

They ain’t your average skin bars, but then there’s no telling what happens after a few shots are thrown down.

No matter where you go, performers — be they Kitty Krimson at 3 Kings or Vivienne Va Voom at Ophelia’s — know how to offer a warm welcome with a cozy smile and a well-timed wisecrack.

So nestle in or belly up, enjoy the hospitality and each other’s company.

On a Thursday evening at The Clocktower, longtime host Pierre Jean Pierre — a faux Frenchman who will tell you he sounds more like a Mexican because of how long he’s lived in Denver —leads the laughs with jokes, songs and sketches that often go beyond the pale, in all the best ways.

What’s not hard to imagine, though, is that a grown, bewigged man who seemingly spent all his time in knickers and white hair was into at least a little kink, some sort of “spice” of a sensual — or sexual — nature. With its variety of contemporary and classic styles of fashion, dance, sketches, magic and comedy, neo burlesque and vaudeville appeals to a broad audience, from the young and hip to older folks — like those with restructured hips.

That’s probably because there’s a little something for everyone, beyond just getting a glimpse of some skin.The Standard Municipal Home Rule Affidavit of Exempt Sale can be used to certify to sellers that a purchase qualifies for exemption.Standard Affidavit Training Instructions Video: NOTE: With the exception of recreational events, tax-exempt organizations are responsible for collecting sales tax on all items sold.Is it gonna be all tease, or will they reveal their whole self?I'm a good hearted woman looking for a good hearted man!Show themes — based on season — can include everything from Broadway musicals to Hollywood horror. Now, I might be partial since she’s my wife, but seeing Mother Mary play a bong like a sax is just good fun.